How Yoga Helps Us

Yoga is a positive way of life that teaches relaxation, positive thinking, truthfulness, proper diet and healthy living.

Hatha Yoga combines breathing with physical postures, or asanas, which are done slowly and mindfully. As the breath is coordinated with the postures and the body is moved and stretched in wonderful ways, you come to realize a state of mental and physical health and well-being.

Physical Benefits of Yoga

Regular practice of yoga has many wonderful physical benefits. Yoga can improve muscle tone, digestion and the immune system. It can help increase oxygen intake so the lungs operate more efficiently. Body alignment and balance can improve. Yoga gives you energy and helps you relax and stay relaxed. Yoga helps to improve all systems of the body including the glands and nerves. Yoga can even help slow down the effects of aging. Many health concerns such as arthritis, headaches and digestion problems can improve with a regular yoga practice.

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10 Yoga Poses for Stress & Anxiety

Practicing yoga is not only an effective stress reliever, but also a way to ease symptoms of anxiety. By transferring focus and attention to the body and breath, yoga can help to temper anxiety while also releasing physical tension.

The following yoga poses are organized into a sequence that can be practiced together in this order, or individually on an as-needed basis to help alleviate stress and anxiety. Remember to focus on your breath as you move through the poses. Closing your eyes may also help you relax and go within to achieve a more meditative state.

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Yoga Lifestyle For Health And Happiness

What is Yogic Lifestyle?

Adopting yoga lifestyle is an integral part of successful yoga practice. Progress in yoga depends not only on your efforts on the mat. Equally important is to consider what you do off the mat during the rest of the day. Each moment in your life unfolds various situations requiring your response. You may respond in a positive way or negative way. Even not responding is an action. Yogic lifestyle involves integrating your mind, body and soul to perform karma that takes you towards good health, peace of mind and ultimate freedom. Most of us are caught in the whirlwind known as human life and spend most of our life in ignorance, without getting awakened. Yoga way of life is ideal way to live a healthy and happy life.

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